Easy Wand Wall Claddings

Easy Wand is an insulated system with greatest flexibility, created to offer to the designer the maximum freedom of expression and, at the same time, to considerably reduce worksite time, thanks to fast assembly system which enables to realise a new ventilated façade in few steps.

Fast installation

First phase Easy Wand installation

First phase

Fixing of the first panel.
Use of fixings studied for the system.

Seconf phase Easy Wand installation

Second phase

The shape of the joint allows the second panel to pair off easily. The precedent fixing is completely hidden.

Third phase Easy Wand installation

Third phase

Fixing of the last panel.
A kid’s play…

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Why Easy Wand?

In architecture it is always more frequent the need to use high technology material for the wall cladding. Easy Wand is the best that the material market can offer to the designer for the realization or the restructuring of real estate.


Thanks to dimensions and to the use of aluminium, Easy Wand is a light and versatile panel.

Wall cladding resistant surface
Resistant surface

The aluminium surface guarantees resistance and inalterability to weather conditions, corrosion and oxidation.

Customization wall claddings

Easy Wand boasts a wide selection of finishings available, enabling a high level of customization.

Easy Wand wall claddings panels
Better acoustic comfort
Better acoustic comfort

Easy Wand panel enhances the building acoustic insulation.

Fast installation wall claddings
Fast installation

Modular system, also thanks to its wide range of accessories, considerably reduces assembly work.

Insulation and ventilation wall claddings
Insulation and ventilation

The product performances, combined with the air chamber created when cladding the building, help to reach high energy-saving value.