External finishing

Range finishes

Alubel has developed a range of finishes as wide as possible from innovative features.

Smooth painting

From research and development of Alubel was born smooth painting. The smooth painting is a super hd polyester, rough but smooth at the same time, by ‘three-dimensional effect. The painting is deliberately less bright, to decrease the visibility of any imperfections that you may have in the facade, the microstructure of this coating creates a metallic effect.

Smooth painting Easy Wand

Finishing pre-painted aluminium "SMOOTH"

RAL 9010
RAL 9006
RAL 7016
RAL 9005
RAL 7034
RAL 3000
RAL 5010
RAL 6024
RAL 8017
RAL 1002
RAL 2011
RAL 5024

PVDF painting

Polyvinylidenfluoride-based coating products mixed with acrylic resins. This coating has good self-cleaning properties and a low coefficient of friction. Besides being the top performance product for outdoor paneling, it is specifically intended for the building sector since it offers optimum flexibility, excellent resistance to chalking and retains its level of gloss and colour.


Anodized painting

Anodized painting is the combination of the anodizing look and the benefits of pre-coated aluminum that allows new architectural possibilities. Alubel anodized distinguishes itself with long warranties, perfect color consistency and great flexibility for bending and roll forming. In that perspective we call it uniquely anodized.

Easy Wand Anodized painting


Cor-ten steel is a material of high architectural value. The surface warm oxidized hue offers several aesthetic solutions because of the unusual “elegance of the rust”, which gives the material an aged and antique appearance. Its main feature is its excellent resistance to rusting by atmospheric agents since its natural oxidation, which stops over time and does not extend to the interior, forms a protective patina.

Easy Wand cor-ten