General presentation

Easy Wand

Modular system of insulated panels for wall cladding

In architecture, it becomes increasingly common the use of high technology materials for wall cladding. Easy Wand is the best proposal in the material market for designer for realization and building renovation. A wall cladding system with greatest flexibility, created to offer to the designer the maximum freedom of expression and, at the same time, reducing considerably worksite costs, thanks to fast assembly system.

easywand sezione

Panel features

Panel thickness:
25 mm
500 mm
Minimum obtainable length: 500 mm
Standard minimum length: 2.500 mm
Maximum recommended length: 4.000 mm
Panel weight:
Aluminium 1,1 mm + Aluminium 0,5 mm = 6 kg/m2
Cor-ten steel 0,6 mm + Pre painted steel 0,4 mm = 9,9 kg/m2

Framing components

Modular system, also thanks to its wide range of accessories, reduces considerably assembly work. Dry pose with no type of glue or cement.

Easy Wand Framing components
1 - Thermostop
2 - Bracket
3 - Supporting profile
4 - Dielectric adhesive band
5 - Screw fixing the supporting profile to the bracket

Estetica e funzionalità

Cleaning of forms, customization, modularity, impact, creative opportunity.

aesthetics Easy Wand

EasyWand is the result of the search of high performance walls, dry stratification, of multi layer materials. A rich universe for the designer, inside of which remain open numerous, interesting opportunities to make more and more latent the real border between new and recovery.


  • Panel completely smooth
  • Hidden fixing
  • Fast installation
  • Easy installation
  • Complete range of accessories

Ventilation and insulation

Easy Wand Functionality

The ventilated walls technology plays a big role in building sector, now even more due to the latest energy saving standards. It is a particular technique aimed at optimizing energy management of the buildings and improve the behaviour of hygrometric components, for their superior durabilit